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The time is now. By becoming a member of NAACP, you'll join a network of activists standing up to injustice, fighting back against systemic racism, and answering the call for equality.


We need you now more than ever. If your membership is expiring or you'd like to deepen your commitment to racial justice and equality, you can renew or upgrade your NAACP membership here.


Looking to become a new member? Take a look at our frequently asked questions on how to join and how to get involved with your local unit.

At what age can I become an NAACP member?
Anyone can get a membership at any age.  
What are the different levels/types of membership?
ANNUAL MEMBERSHIPS   Adult (Ages 21 & older) – $30   Youth (Ages 20 & under) – $10   WIN (Women In NAACP) Membership – $10 (only available to active members) Prison Membership - $12.00  LIFETIME MEMBERSHIPS   Junior Life (Ages 13 & under. Payable in annual installments of $25 or more) – Total $100   Bronze Life (Ages 14-20 Payable in annual installments of $50 or more) – Total $400   Silver Life (Payable in annual installments of $75 or more) – Total $750   Gold Life (Payable in annual installments of $150 or more) – Total $1,500   Only available to Fully Paid Silver Members   Diamond Life (Payable in installments of $250 or more) – Total amount $2,500  (Only available to Fully paid Gold Members)   *CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP $5000
What do I get as an NAACP member?
Your NAACP membership: Highlights that you are a member of the NAACP. It also has a Membership ID that gives you access to special perks and programs of the NAACP. Gives you the opportunity to become part of your local NAACP office and a national network of people who: Are activists who support education innovation, health equity, environmental and climate justice, inclusive economy, and racial equity Organize marches, rallies, and direct-action campaigns to bring attention to local issues   Advocate for laws and policies to improve your community   Participate in voter registration and get-out-the-vote campaigns   Attend national events, regional conferences, and trainings to sharpen your advocacy and leadership skills, including the National Convention that is held every year and where you connect with leaders in social and civic justice and set the next year's agenda for issues facing our communities Fully paid life members receive a commemorative NAACP plaque and pin.
When will my membership expire?  
In most cases, your membership will expire within one year of the date of purchase, unless payment was received for a two-year membership.  If you are a life member, once fully paid never expires.
How do I contact my local Unit?
Once you pay for your membership through the website, you are asked to post your zip code. In doing so, it identifies local units, and you can select one of your choices. Once that is complete, your membership is sent to the Unit and the Membership Chair will contact you. Another way to find your local NAACP office is through a Google search. Visit your local NAACP's website and contact them through their contact us page. Or you can attend a general meeting and let them know you are interested in being a member and getting involved. If you are still unable to connect with the unit in your area, please contact NAACP Membership Services, or call (866-636-2227).
Do I have to be a member of a Unit?
No, you have the option to become  A member-at-large means you are not affiliated with a local NAACP Unit. Your affiliation is with the National Office of the NAACP.
Can I run for an officer position in my branch?
Yes, all active members have an opportunity to run for office provided you are an active member of the local NAACP Unit. Your active membership has to be current by May 1st of the calendar year. Unit elections are held according to the By-laws for Units of the NAACP.
When are Unit meetings held?  
Contact your local NAACP for meeting dates and times.